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It's ME! The one & only Lindsey Self

It's fabulous to meet you! & I am thrilled that you're interested in getting to know a little more about me. From my personal life to experiences. I am not shy, so I'm here to spill it all to you!

Where do I begin? I could start out by saying, the usual - Like every Event Planner. It comes from design, creating, coordinating, and planning.... as much as all of that is important! It's so much more then that! Agreed?

So, let's get fun with it! I am not here to steal your show! I realize with every spark of an idea, that imagination has to come to life! I like to say, that I am here just to enhance it and make it all come true!

Sounds like a fairy-tale, doesn't it? Well, I give you the permission to start calling me your very own fairy godmother for all your Special Occasions to come true!

Whether if you have an idea already in your head of what you think the day should look like. Or if you are starting from scratch. I'm here to add the cherry on top & maybe some more glitter! I truly am able to work with any color, layout, background, to add to your creative mind! 

As every great idea. It has to come from the heart and have tremendous passion. The reasoning why I created this business, is honestly for you! Specializing in customized experiences for my clients to the guests. I know how precious life moments can be. Blink of an eye, the day can be gone. Those little feet grow up, The memories of those laughs that made you cry, that taste of her lips as soon as she said, "Yes", and the smell of the season, it all makes you feel like it's going to lasts forever! & I am here to help share exactly that with you. I want this memory to last forever with you!

So, let's make a memory together, to remember the greatest moment in yours's and invitee life! My experiences working with many vendors, and folks around the Portland, Salem, Metro Areas. Has brought me so much joy, that it has now let me expand with my growing connections now through-out Washington, and Arizona, as well as Oregon.

When creating an Event. I create for you! To give you the feeling of standing still in a feeling of "AW" and just gasping that, "Wow! I can't believe that this is actually real!"

I've been an Executive Assistant for many, many years! I would have to say, my best trait, is my overly organized schedule, transitioning to my creativity, and overflowing with my People Skills. My personal goal every day before I go to bed, is to make someone smile.

"You are treated as special as you treat everyone you love" ~ Lindsey Self

So, with all of that being say, I take special privilege when designing my clients dream event.

I can't wait to meet you in person to Start Planning Together! :)

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